On January 4th 2020, from 2.30 PM to 6.30 PM, Marco Valerio Amico – gruppo nanou open XMAS SHARING TRAINING / 3 INTENSIVE DAYS OF EXCHANGE PRACTICES by Attivisti della danza at Murate Art District, Piazza delle Murate – Firenze (Italy).

E’ gradita una conferma di presenza a attivistidelladanza@gmail.com


_4.01 | MARCO VALERIO AMICO – gruppo nanou
_5.01 | SHARING FOCUS in collaboration with Sharing In Rome – SiR & shared training Turin – Physical Practices + Round Table on Sharing Training in Italy
_6.01 | DANIELE ALBANESE Compagnia STALKer_Daniele Albanese

January 4, 2020, from 2.30 pm to 6.30 pm

Alphabet: Method is a direct dialogue with dancers for the transmission and verification of the gruppo nanou choreographic writing process.
The meeting aims at the experiment by going through some choreographic instructions to activate an improvisation system that highlights the nodes of a possible writing of the body and the scene.
Instructions are abstracted to let each body use its own identity.
The meeting plan takes place on redefining the choreutic space, ascertaining its functionality, treating the figure and the design of the body and choreography as an inevitable “waste”.

“The action relates to the geometric areas by undoing them for its implicit figural characteristic, since it does not work for a design but is used as a displacement force.
Time necessarily becomes space because it is the time of reverberation of the action.
The action is at its maximum amplitude since it is always beyond itself.
The action is a continuous rewriting space imbalances.
The action relates to the area by projecting it orthogonally always going beyond its own axis of balance.
Eyes must engulf as much space as possible, there is no time to blink.
The choreography rises because it generates and reveals space.
Drawing the space is the tool to highlight and clarify the choreographic activity. “

Marco Valerio Amico, Lo spazio che desidero – Edel

Marco Valerio Amico, graduated in May 2001 at the Paolo Grassi Civic School of Dramatic Art in Milan, specialized as a dancer and choreographer with Monica Francia and Michele Di Stefano.
He was an interpreter from 2000 to 2003 in Monica Francia’s productions.
In 2005 he performed in MK’s Real Madrid show, choreography by Michele Di Stefano.
In 2004, together with Rhuena Bracci and Roberto Rettura, he founded gruppo nanou company. The productions have crossed important venues such as: Fabbrica Europa (Italy), Santarcangelo Festival of The Arts (Italy); Teatro Comunale di Ferrara (Italy); Drodesera (Italy); Les Brigittines (Belgium); Unidram (Germany); Nu Dance Fest (Slovensko), La MaMa ETC (USA).
The company wins the prizes Giovani Danz’Autori 04/05, Moving_Movimento 2007, 4 cantieri per Fabbrica Europa 2008, Fondo per la danza d’autore Emilia-Romagna 2014 e 2016.