from friday 16 to sunday 18 June 2023: choreographic workshop

Alphabet: Method

gruppo nanou choreography is a language composed by the relationship between body, sound, light and space. It is a balance between elements that form a stratified a-hierarchical choreographic discourse between the signs.

From friday 16 to sunday 18 June, the Paradiso space by Nanou, Pirri and Dorella set at Kursaal Santalucia of Bari, will be a place to work with the choreographer Marco Valerio Amico.

Dancers residing or domiciled in Puglia are invited to apply to build a research and study group on the choreographic methodologies of gruppo nanou.

Working hours:

from 09.00AM TO 12.00AM

Information and requirements:

The workshop is free.
Places are limited.
The age of majority is required.

For further informations and to reserve your presence, contact us by mail

Alphabet: Method

The Alphabet method is a tool for choreographic research and linguistic observation that makes dialogue the tool for verification and improvement.
Drive by the choreographer Marco Valerio Amico of gruppo nanou, the Alphabet method is a direct dialogue with newly graduated or proven professional dancers, for the transmission and verification of the company's choreographic writing process.
By choreography we mean the set of instructions that orchestrate the different scenic instruments (body, sound, light, space).

To work within the scene set up for the Paradiso installation is the opportunity to confront the linguistic complexity of the work that Nanou, together with Pirri and Dorella, has created: a dialogue between body, space, sound and light in continuous movement.

The encounter is an empirical procedure: given some choreographic information to activate a system of improvisation, instantaneous writing and observation, the choreographic system, clear and simple in its information, becomes the limit to practice in order to generate and discover creative opportunities.
The instructions are applied on the spatial level (use of space), athletic, dance, sound, light.
Thus a field of observation is established in which to highlight the nodes of a possible choreographic writing that feeds on the peculiarities of the subjects involved.
The instruction, while remaining within the actors of the generated system, must become evident and unequivocal, not necessarily decryptable: when we observe the firmament we perceive its accuracy even without knowing the rules that allow those motions and those spatial arrangements.

Marco Valerio Amico

In 2004, together with Rhuena Bracci and Roberto Rettura, he founded gruppo nanou company. The productions have crossed important squares such as: Fabbrica Europa (Italy), Santarcangelo Festival (Italy); Municipal Theater of Ferrara (Italy); Central Fies (Italy); Ravenna Festival (Italy); Les Brigittines (Belgium); Unidram (Germany); Nu Dance Fest (Slovensko), La MaMa ETC (USA).