From June 4 to June 11, 2024, in Viterbo, in the spaces of the Teatro dell'Unione, a week to explore techniques, languages and visions in the company's contemporary and research dance.

Nanou initiates a conversation through the Alphabet project: a place and time for choreographic research in which to investigate its own artistic language and determine its effectiveness through encounter.

Alphabet: Method is a training and in-depth choreographic course for dancers, dancers and performers newly graduated or of proven professional background, designed and led by gruppo nanou.

To participate in the selection:

Send resumes and a video link highlighting your choreographic skills by Monday, May 20, 2024 to indicating "Alphabet application: Method"
in the subject line
.Selections are at the sole discretion of gruppo nanou.
Selections will be announced by May 22, 2024.


Dancers with proven professionalism with a minimum age of 20 years are eligible.
The commitment is intensive, for 6 hours a day.

Alphabet is free.

A public opening is scheduled for Tuesday, June 11, at the end of the journey to share the work done, in dialogue with the territory.
Availability is required throughout the course. Applications with partial availability will not be considered.

Up to 4 scholarships are made available to cover lodging during the workshop period covering nights from June 3 to June 11 inclusive.

Alphabet is a project to find and generate new communities through the construction of new spaces, physical and of thought. It is a popularizing action that we like to call a conversation, a piece of an imaginary puzzle proposed as a first approach to building a cultural fabric that emphasizes choreographic art as a connector of knowledge and interactions.
"One example I often bring up is the enchantment that stargazing poses. I am not a physicist, I cannot decipher the exact reason why the sky is so composed and so in motion, yet I read it for its wonder, for its exactness. This is how I wish to read choreography, which though mysterious becomes apparent for its reasons that reside in a severe device, capable of generating spaces."

Marco Valerio Amico

Alphabet: Method is a project of Nanou Cultural Association
realized with the support of ATCL, City of Viterbo

More information and clarification:

write to for any further information.