At Spazio K, Prato Alphabet: the body | workshop meeting for dancers with Marco Valerio Amico, gruppo nanou
The meeting is an experiment with which we wants to verify a language in constant evolution. The research tends to a synthesis able to determine an effectiveness in comunication and activation of a creative process.

TUE 19th and WEND 20th December from 03:00 pm to 07:00 pm

SpazioK Via S. Chiara , 38/2 – 59100 Prato (IT)

The workshop meeting is free

Info and reservations:

Item of analysis:

  • Get back to body to permanently remove it from the centre of the stage.
  • Body is athletic
  • The drawing of an athletic body is made to reach the maximum result
  • The drawing is a waste that owns the maximum effectiveness.
  • The drawing itself doesn’t carry out a thing. A pose at most.
  • The drawing is a wast of the action, a suspension of motion not able to crystallize
  • Body is matter
  • Body has to trigger the hypothalamus, the most instinctive part of brain
  • Body reach a waking status in which the border between action and reaction becomes thinner
  • More bodies in the same space are matter in relationship
  • Relationship is space, time, direction, motionL
  • Relationship is a gravitational wave
  • Inside the relationship it can be possible to determine the impreview, the creative accidento
  • The other one is the creative problem which has to be solved with impreview
  • Impreview is the aware disorientation