19/12/2020 H 20.30 - Teatri di vetro (streaming)

gruppo nanou in streaming by Teatri di Vetro festival
A necessary look to the past and to the present, to 16 years of choreographic activity.

video- [from lat. video “I see”] movement [der. to move] The action of moving or moving; is therefore synon. of motion.
Since 2017, gruppo nanou has activated a choreographic research project, Alphabet, which aims to dissect the elements of the choreography to verify choreographic devices, linguistic paths and place contemporary dance and research in continuous dialectical comparison.
During the journey Nanou began to investigate a choreography with the camera:
choreographing a movement and a shooting movement, bringing the camera inside the choreographic device, leaving the theatrical point of view, identifying a language that seeks a different perception through the visual medium
Leaving the shooting of the choreography to choreograph the video footage so that the camera can cross the action and be part of it, becoming the opening of new spaces between vertigo and images.

Cinema was immediately a great methodological and visual inspiration.
Nanou has taken as a reference the a / hierarchy of a certain cinematographic expression, the one in which direction, sound, editing, performance, lights … collaborate to create a complex object (the film, the show) that makes use of all the skills put in the field and grasps the maximum expressions.
The possibility of “cutting time and space” that some cinema has always allowed itself, gave suggestions, I would almost say instructions, for the construction of the language of Nanou.

In some ways, Nanou does “live cinema”. We’ve always told each other.

We have never used a video player on stage, unless it was a material object himself. CRT TVs have accompanied us to some installations. Objects that told of presences in other times and spaces.
It has always been clear that the use of video had to be investigated and not taken for granted, like all the tools that Nanou uses.
If in the installations, the video was used to open narrative and temporal spaces in a place acted by the spectator himself, now the investigation of the movement of the video footage is investigated to grasp the vertigo that one feels in watching and acting a choreography, with the awareness that the video camera is a gaze, therefore a weight, a space and not an object that is worn, which casually observes something. It is a departure. Wonderful!

project: gruppo nanou
editing video: Marco Valerio Amico, Rhuena Bracci
camera: Marco Valerio Amico, Gianluca Naphtalina Camporesi, Simone Ceccomarini, Federico Fiori, Giulia Fontanini, Francesca Lenzi, Gianni Gaudenzi, Claudio Martinez, Achille Matassoni, Roberto Rettura, Irene Troncanetti

choreography: Marco Valerio Amico, Rhuena Bracci
original sound and music: Bruno Dorella, Roberto Rettura
sets: Marco Valerio Amico, Giovanni Marocco, Antonio Rinaldi, Daniele Torcellini, Paola Villani
lights and colors: Marco Valerio Amico, Giovanni Marocco, Fabio Sajiz, Daniele Torcellini

dancers: Carolina Amoretti, Sebastiano Elia Amico, Livia Bartolucci, Sissj Bassani, Anna Basti, Alessia Berardi, Zoé Bernabéu, Marina Bertoni, Vera Borghini, Rhuena Bracci, Loredana Canditone, Marco Casagrande, Valentina Castro, Maria Combi, Matilde Cortivo, Riccardo De Simone, Francesca Dibiase, Gloria Dorliguzzo, Agnese Gabrielli, Nicolò Giorgini, Enrica Linlaud, Marco Maretti, Anna Marocco, Davide Tagliavini

special guests: Ronin (Bruno Dorella, Cristian Naldi, Diego Pasini, Matteo Sideri) and Francesca Amati

Thanks to: ATCL circuito multidisciplinare Regionale, Luca Brinchi, Città di Ebla, Fondazione Volume!, Ravenna Festival, Spazio Rossellini, Teatri di vetro

gruppo nanou . Alphabet: video - movement ph. Alessandra Cimino, Spazio Rossellini

Alphabet: video - movement - © Alessandra Cimino, Spazio Rossellini

19/12/2020 H 20.30 - Teatri di vetro (streaming)