Motel – First room, full video


videomaking: Giulia Fontanini

On the occasion of the tenth anniversary of the Motel “First Room” project, we publish the full length video by Giulia Fontanini.
It was December 8th, 2008.
The company had won the “Fondo Fare Anticorpi” production award.
The Motel project was started. It would have involved the company until 2011 producing three shows that would give life to a trilogy, a real show in three acts that marked the Nanou’s language and its relationship with photography and cinema.
A minimal choreography written in the smallest detail to build a photographic sequence inspired by Edward Hopper’s paintings.

With the First Room, the meeting with the light designer Fabio Sajiz was decided that followed the whole trilogy and that is still collaborating with present and future projects.
The photographer Laura Arlotti completely followed the project winning, with her photos, the Hystrio prize for photography and presenting the shots in Lisboa “Luz Negra” exposition 2018.
The First Motel Room has hit major theaters such as Unidram (Potsdam, DE), Les Brigittines (Brussels, B), Nu Dance Fest (Bratislava, SL), Central Fies (Dro, IT), Fabbrica Europa (Florence, IT), Interplay (Torino, IT) and many others.


Full lenght video “Namoro”, first Nanou’s production.

by and with: Marco Valerio Amico, Rhuena Bracci
sound: Roberto Rettura

Awarded with GD’A-Giovani Danz’Autori 2004/2005 dell’Emilia Romagna

In Portuguese Namoro is the period of relative intimacy that usually preceeds the official engagement. Rather than translating it as “flirt” or similar terms it has been decided to keep the original.

With the vision of a fragmented and thoughtless “love speech” and with a sheer respect for the radical discontinuity of the language storm bursting in a lover’s mind: the story never gets the main spot. The voices of the story come and go, they disappear, overlap. Nobody knows who’s speaking: somebody speaks and that’s all. There is no more image, only language. But the other character is not a text, it is an image. The action embraces me because I’m the lover but it has no evolution at all. It could be the case of redefining a distance, because I have found my love object but I’m not part of it, no more part of it, never been part of it. The love object is a delicate and distant one, an object I like to watch, to observe, because it ravishes me.