For the first time in Basilicata, the performance Sport reaches the city of Venosa for two days, sharing the stage with Daniele Albanese and his Von solo .

[…] Then there are shows that happen to meet several times over the years, Sport group nanou is one of these, a work of 2011 from which it emerges strongly the theatrical quality of the Ravenna trio. And with the use of the term “theatrical” we indicate precisely the complexity of signs of which the score is composed: the sound carpet by Roberto Rettura represents the auditory memory, the sound of a sports facility, the incitement of the public; the cinematographic quality (to use the same words of Marco Valerio Amico) of the visual plane with the dark cuts of light, the sudden flashes; the technical and precise gesture of Rhuena Bracci, the free body, the acrobatics in the cage of innocent pipes and then a muscular dance that is almost a capoeira. But this sporting sequence seems filtered by memory, perhaps it’s all happened, in another time and space. […]