The idea of the project rises from the wish of accompany the spectator inside the universe of gruppo nanou’s artistic path, formed by emotional effects and cultural references, to explore the step before the distribution of the creative work as a completed product.
The project takes the form of an installation with performative acts recreating the affective dimension and the cultural horizon of the contained works.
A labyrinth of choreographic actions and visual art installations, a tale that abstracts from the story taking the guest/spectator and put him inside a sensitive universe.
What would you like to offer to the guest of your point of view? INNOCENCE, PRIVATE.
The path is lonely. Scattered clues, romantic souvenirs or sedimented ruins, that take nowhere but to the work itself. Every room is a work full of past, ruins of materials that distractedly encounter eachother, one room follows another in the itinerary. Because the labyrinth, as the creative work, i san habitat, a landscape. If something happens(action) is to amplify the intimacy of the guest.