It is with pleasure that today we announce the release of “Saturno“, the first single from “Paradiso”, the new album by Bruno Dorella, electronic soundtrack of the homonymous project that sees us in collaboration with Alfredo Pirri.

Waiting for the release of the album on November 25th for 13 Silentes, we invite you to listen to the single “Saturno” on Spotify or AppleMusic.

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Bruno Dorella - Paradiso, Saturno, Single Cover

Available on all digital platforms today September 30th, Saturno is the first single taken from Paradiso and contains the fundamental elements of the entire work. That is, parallel, overlapping, sinuous rhythms, apparently out of phase but which “turn” together. In addition to abstract guitars and a breath as the only source of voice.

Bruno Dorella: «The composition took a long time. The choreographic needs, and the effect of music on the bodies, led me often to think with a broader perspective. Me and the members of gruppo nanou started the work from mutual suggestions and gradually we understood each other faster and faster. We defined a common conception of rhythm, deciding to work on apparently ‘off-grid’ rhythms, creating the illusion of something wrong together but perfectly timed. In reality, these rhythms are parallel planes that travel in time with each other, even if out of phase».

Nanou: «Bruno has composed a choreographic work. We have verified together how sound can accommodate the body and be in dialogue with the scenic action. It was a transitive operation between scene and sound, bodies and the material density of sounds, vibrations and motion. The beauty of this musical work is that it is concrete matter and at the same time it is a precise thought. All the rules and limitations that we set for the creation of the show – regarding choreography, sound, lights and scene – have managed to be assimilated to become creative resources and therefore to become exact viscera».