What happened:
Masako won the Prospettiva danza award and we are Ultra happy.

Because of the hurry and inattention, in the last newsletter we called Meredith as Grace. We have created a bit of havoc among some of you. Sorry. We hope that the writer Shonda Rhimes could forgive us, because since every time she argues with one of her actors, she decide to fire him and the character dies in the serial.
“Beautiful” times have passed in which the characters disappeared and reappeared with other faces and excuses such as “necessary plastic surgeries due to sudden accidents”. Not to mention the resurrections or memory leaks.

Forlì has given us so much enthusiasm. Meeting and working with 20 people, including architects and graphic designers, addressing the ATR space, finding a place and a festival that supports research, experimentation, risk (even failure) can only be a success.
Le foto di Gianluca sono bellissime.

What is going on:
We printed the nanou t-shirts! Can we say that they are an “Unknown plesure” post-minimal version?
Some tips to send them? From our research, shipments are very expensive. They exceed the cost of the shirt itself. Help!

You will all have noticed the new GDPR. Sergio Lo Gatto on Fb has defined it as the new spam. Perhaps he is right. However, we point out that your contacts are jealously guarded and that we will continue to use them only for communications of our Ultra activity. For no reason will they be transferred to third parties. However, if you wish to unsubscribe, as always there is a link (there was always, at the bottom of the email, we were ready for some time) and now you can find it even more simply here. You can select “unsubscribe”.

It will certainly not be possible for any of you to ask us to include it on the mailing list. The action must always be done by you. It is a question of activity.

What will happen in a very short time:
On June 9th, Dan goes to the Tropics with Von Solo and the nanou family follows him fully in the illusion of an exotic holiday.
From June 11th to 17th, Masako is in residence in Oslo at the BOA gallery. If you can find the “english” button, indicate it to us?
On June 16th, we will map Tuscania with direzioniAltre, with a small preview of what will happen in Spoleto in July. Rhu will take on the role of Gunny with the girls for the occasion. We do not envy the dancers. Ah. MV will not be there. You will find him in Venice to help Simone Derai and the young choreographers at the Biennale Danza.
From 21st June Alphabet becomes a method iin collaboration with Cantieri, the Municipality and the dance schools of Ravenna. We will give more details during the summer.
On June 26th Von (full version) will be at Inequilibrio Festival in Armunia
On June 30th VON solo + in a landscape will be at Mirabilia Festival a Busca (CN)

And that’s all, folks. Stay Ultra. Stay Gunny.

Gunny - Clint Eastwood