What happened:
There’s a big question about social networks: they bring contacts (but they don’t click links) and they are a dark place in which be present. MV would like to leave the social networks to make communication ever more personal and in particular to make the reltionship “real”; Sissj supports Marco but with different motivations (that here would be too long to explain); MM reads newsletters from facebook because he doesn’t open e-mail anymore; Rhu is not right on social network and she doesn’t know what we are talking about; Bob goes on the mountain without internet. Meanwhile, this newsletter continues and it seems to us the best way.
In Cesena we have experienced lo spazio che desideriamo and lots of further questions to be investigated have arrived.
A new video for Alphabet and this time there is also the choreographer!

What is going on:
We are on residence at DiDstudio/ Ariella Vidach working on maps for NaoCrea.

What will happen soon:
Do you remeber that we will be in Lucca soon?
On 2nd and 3rd December it’s a Fésta in Ravenna with a public meeting with Daniele Torcellini because the color becomes space… and moreover there is the 25 years anniversary of Funny&Alexander!
If you want to join us you have to warn us!
On 17th December we will show Maps in Milan
From 19th to 20th December we will be in Prato for a new workshop meeting with dancers.

Bob proposes the substitute for Rhuena for Sport (for the future, it means)
Rhu clearly doesn’t agree and in the eventuality proposes her who’s fantastic
Meanwhile MV doesn’t stop laughing with new Incredibili trailer

In the next newsletter we must talking about SEO (search engine optimization) because also there there are lots of things that MV can’t understand anymore. Be patient. It’ll be age.