“Alphabet: Method” is a short choreographic device capable of highlighting the compositional process and athletically showing the personal writing work of the dancers in dialogue with the choreographic stimuli.
Unique bodies that become language.
The laboratory meets.
It does not have the objective of teaching but of experimenting, of verifying a constantly evolving language.
A direct dialogue with professional dancers for the transmission of the choreographic writing process of the nanou group.
The choreography is written to be broken down, highlighted, made legible, not necessarily decipherable yet evident, in support of the common compositional elements such as: space, time, proxemics.
The Alphabet project highlights the elements of choreographic complexity to make it dialogic. To exhibit, to reveal the creative / compositional process by dismantling it layer by layer, reaching the profound reason for a choice of association and relationship that constantly intervenes in the choreographic composition.