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Miasma, video excerpt from the concert “Canto Primo: Miasma / Arsura”, fruit of the desire of OvO and the gruppo nanou

videomaking: Claudio Stanghellini, Riccardo Badolato

Here an excerpt from the concert “Canto Primo: Miasma / Arsura” aired exclusively on DICE.FM on 12 March 2021 on the occasion of the Transmissions Waves festival.

“Miasma” is the title track of OvO . “ Arsura ” is an ongoing choreography by gruppo nanou. The paths of these two entities meet in a completely natural and elective way, creating a short circuit with an unpredictable evolution. This version of “Miasma” is taken from “ Canto Primo: Miasma / Arsura ” , a multidisciplinary work that has found in streaming the unexpected first stage of a path that is also built through obstacles and strengthens them. Aired exclusively on Dice.FM on March 12, 2021 as a special festival event Transmissions Waves in the suggestive setting of the Rasi Theater and thanks to the union of forces of Ravenna Teatro , E Production and Bronson , we testify with this video clip of “Miasma”, fruit of the desire of two alien and elusive realities like OvO and Gruppo Nanou.

Canto Primo: Miasma + Arsura – Still video Claudio Stanghellini © gruppo nanou

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