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24 May 2018

Color takes up space

Ipercorpo / ExATR, Forlì (FC) h 22.00
25 May 2018

Color takes up space

Ipercorpo / ExATR, Forlì (FC) h 22.30


Color takes up space

ph © Daniele Casadio

Color becomes space: Daniele Casadio’s look

project by: gruppo nanou and Daniele Torcellini
choreography: Marco Valerio Amico, Rhuena Bracci
with: Sissj Bassani, Rhuena Bracci, Marco Maretti
special guest: Daniele Albanese
sound: Roberto Rettura
light: Marco Valerio Amico
colors: Daniele Torcellini

“Light and color are the tools we choose to articulate a three-dimensional space within which to place the performative activity.
Lights, colors and bodies that change over time determine an unstable space.
The relational dynamics between light, color, space and bodies are placed in a continuous process of definition, alteration, loss and reconstruction of assets, within a paradigm of permanent instability for the affirmation of a continuous disorientation.”

Images were made at Ardis Hall / E-production during the workin and research week from 12th to 17th Febraury 2018. The choreography path involved Daniele Albanese who helped the creative process thanks to his artistic contamination.
The path is part of the project Alphabet.