from 12 to 16 July 2024, from 10AM to 4.45PM (at CasermArcheologica).
Sharing and public transmission of the work carried out: Tuesday 16 July.

The Alphabet method is a tool for choreographic research and linguistic observation that makes dialogue the tool for verification and improvement. The workshop is a direct dialogue with male and female dancers, performers and movers for the transmission and verification of the company's choreographic writing process. The encounter is an empirical procedure: given some choreographic information to activate a system of improvisation, instantaneous writing and observation, the choreographic system, clear and simple in its information, becomes the limit to practice in order to generate and discover creative opportunities.

Maximum number of participants: 20

Registration method:

Registration order while places last.
Write to or by calling during office hours on 0575 733063.
There is a registration fee. Discounts are available for hospitality.

The workshop is open to professionals and all those who have a good aptitude for movement.