Today and tomorrow ‘Canto primo: miasma – arsura’.
gruppo nanou and the OvO meet at the Rasi

gruppo nanou + OvO | Canto Primo: Miasma + Arsura
gruppo nanou + OvO | Canto Primo: Miasma + Arsura. still video by Claudio Stanghellini

For the first time live, the contemporary dance of gruppo nanou intersects with the punk-electronic music of Ovo, in 'Canto primo: miasma - arsura' on stage at the Rasi theater in Ravenna today and tomorrow at 21. The performance, which closes the 'Theatre season', is part of the 'Fèsta' review of E-Production and Ravenna Teatro, as well as being included in the 'ToDay ToDance' program of Cantieri Danza. Talking about it is the choreographer Marco Valerio Amico, founder of gruppo nanou with the dancer Rhuena Bracci.

Amico, how did the collaboration with Ovo come about?

"Rhuena and I have been following the work of Bruno Dorella and Stefania Pedretti for years. We have often crossed paths, showing mutual respect. The first meeting dates back to 2013 when they came to see one of our performance, but we have never managed to find the opportunity to build something together. Then the pandemic shuffled the cards..."

What happened during the lockdown?

"The world has stopped, the tours and all the scheduled commitments. So, also being neighbors, we finally found the time to discuss and take stock of our respective paths. Until we got into the rehearsal room. They were on the ninth album 'Miasma', while we were working on a solo with Rhuena which also contained Dantesque suggestions".

In 'Primo Canto' two artistic realities thus merge...

"Yes, and it was made for the first time in 2021 in a live streaming version for 'Transmissions Waves' by Bronson Produzioni. But now we are finally measuring ourselves with the live stage".

Your work 'Arsura' was born from a reflection that you have been doing in recent years on the characteristics of live entertainment, right?

"Yes, we wanted to clarify the elements that most characterize it beyond the Hic et Nunc (here and now, ed). The show we offer together with OvO is a perfect example of this because it would not be equally repeatable off stage live. Their sound vibrations have a different weight when listened to with headphones. And the same goes for Rhuena's work, done with lights and images that cannot be reproduced by photography".

19/05/2022 - Roberta Bezzi, Il Resto del Carlino