What happened:
First of all, HAPPY NEW YEAR!
During these holidays some of you have made special compliments on this newsletter. Observations occurred both by email and live. Well, in addition to a heartfelt thanks, we realize that this tool is becoming more important than others.
Reflections on the use of social networks continue: for a handful of real interactions, the work between Facebook, Twitter and Instagram is enormous, at least for our strengths. Whereas with this simple means, as well as having fun, we find a more direct, clear, immediate, crystalline activity … (stop adjectives otherwise we become like Baricco, MV says).
The dilemma remains: how much and when do we still invest in social networks? More and more here, immediately, and we start with showing you through this newsletter a little experiment video created in December with Daniele Torcellini in those two days of Fésta, produced by E production.
In Milan, maps with Sissj, Carolina and Gloria went really well, marking an important stage of our artistic path.Some photos taken by Giulia during rehearsal.
Thanks to NaoFestival we discovered this video of Lucinda Childs finding lots of affinity with the work we are conducting. (the link is also one of MV’s favourite website, make good use of it)
A question, however, persists: why did the artistic research of the 20th century not leave evident signs in popular culture? On all fronts. We accept comments.
Golden Globe are finished, but apart from Coco which we loved, Dunkirk and Twin Peaks dind’t win. Sob!

What’s going on:
January is the month of bureaucracy and study and planning.
We are meeting to create a new structure: from 2018 will begin fruitful artistic collaborations with Masako Matsushita and Daniele Albanese.

What will happen soon:
From 12th to 18th February we will be pactice at Ardis Hall, again with Daniele Torcellini, to deepen the relationship between color and space. There will also be Daniele Albanese with us.
On the 16th and 17th we will open by invitation these two days sharing the experiment. Will you join us? write us on info@grupponanou.it
Meanwhile, reflecting on the color, first of all we think about the kind of blues (MM says)

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We also translated the Manifesto with the support of Claudia Leone. Now we are a really international company. Ah.