What happened:
There were political elections… no comment. It’s better to celebrate woman’s day today.
We had lots of fun with The end of the f***ing world. We do nothing but talk about the delicacy found in the film Harold and Maude.

An interesting article on Artribune about performance in contemporary art.
It would be nice to have an open discussion about it, possibly organized not only by one of the parties involved.
About the same theme there is also a beautiful interview of Chiara Pirri to Susanne Franco.

We definitely made space with colours with Daniele (Albanese) e Daniele (Torcellini). We start to get confused with names.
As we said with Bruno, we have opened the Pandora’s box of language and now that we have all the possibilities, we immerse ourselves with joy.
In the meantime we share photos by Daniele (Casadio, this time. We said it was a crowded name.)
Certainly thanks to those of you who managed to reach us and shared thoughts with us. In particular, thanks to Natascha who endured us for a whole week.

Il colore si fa spazio | gruppo nanou

ph. © Daniele Casadio

New Eminem’s clip is now out and it has a resounding editing. Maybe, it would be better without the one who “sings” (better, the one who moans) and Rhu and Sissj reccomend to Eminem to change shoes stylist.
In the meantime, Mv and Sissj’s tickets for 7th July concert arrived!

Our regional assessor gave an interview to Rossella Menna for Doppiozero about political culture. I know that someone of you will be envious.
Let’s put it this way: it seems there is still someone who knows how to talk about cultural politics without mentioning numbers.

Johan Johannsonn is dead. We want to remember him with these sounds that we often use during rehearsal.

What will happen soon:
MV would like to watch Guillermo. Dan has already seen it and he’s satisfied. But there is also Black Panther which it seems not to be only a super hero, but maybe it is only for MV and for Michelle Obama who appreciated it.

Soon we will issue a call for architects and graphic designers … stay tuned.
Sissj and Bob on 17th March will make a “spaziale” party with MAIONESE in Bologna.