by: Marco Valerio Amico, Rhuena Bracci
dancer: Rhuena Bracci
sound: Roberto Rettura
set in collaboration with: Città di Ebla

special thanks to: Fabio Sajiz

produced by: L’Officina-atelier marseillais de production(Marsiglia, Francia)
co-produced by: L’animal a l’esquena and Cra’p (Spagna), Indisciplinarte (Italia), El Teatro (Tunisia), Haraka (Egitto)

supported by Commissione Europea nell’ambito del programma cultura 2007-2013, parte Cooperazione con i paesi terzi per gli anni 2010 e 2011.

with the contribution of: MIBAC, Regione Emilia-Romagna Assessorato alla Cultura, Founds Roberto Cimetta
supported by: Città di Ebla, PimOff

With Sport, we bring on stage an athlete, caught in the intimacy of the preparations for the execution of the gymnastic element, to expose a body in its fragility and diametrically opposite strength. The moment before the flight. The moment of suspension, of all possibilities for change, of all potential directions. Grasp the athlete’s thoughts before vertigo to understand their silence. Sounding a subjective one, which is not the athlete’s private one but a new one, which certainly has to do with that solitude, but which also welcomes the vision, individual and collective at the same time, of the spectators.


Sport – © Laura Arlotti