What happened:
MV no longer finds a meme which said, more or less: “do you really think to defeat the multinationals by doing a search on Google, posting it on Facebook with your iPhone?
In these times perhaps it is good to ask this question seriously.
Then, we write our newsletter.
Spike Jonze’s new videoclip was released to advertise the new Apple HomePod. Many positive comments, we like him a lot, however, let’s face it serenely: the choreography is very bad.
Chris Cunnigham’s video “Flex” was another thing, where dance is in video editing (for the possible sensitivity of you, readers, we warn that the bodies in the video of Cunningham are naked and pull the instep).
In the age of artificial intelligence, it seems that voice assistants laugh at us. So creepy!

What’s going on:
Dan is transmitting his Pietro to a young dancer.
Domenico and Michele are officially our ULTRA(S).
Nanou et Ultra
What will happen soon:
It’ s time for training!
Dan in Parma on 29th March and 15th April for the creation of a new research team.
On 7th April Nanou in Bologna becomes system at Leggere Strutture.

And then…
Masako is working on L.I.N.E.A. at Accademia di Roma and on 13th April is going to show something about it.
From 3rd to 8th April Dan is on residency for his new project with Eva Karczag. Yes, dears, we’re talking about that Eva.
On 20th April, Xebeche at Osimo and you can’t miss the whole gang… We reamind you that Xebeche pronunciation is csèbece. Pay attention to the accent.
MV is planning to include an audio tutorial with the correct pronunciation on the website home page.