by Astrid Priebs-Trögers
@Potsdamer Neueste Nachrichten

A breath of fresh air in the street and a thè in the “fabrik- Cafè” have shortened the waiting for the performance by the iItalian company, gruppo nanou, that this year has presented to us the third part of the Trilogy Motel,. “Anticamera”. Where In this part finally we are finally overwhelmed by suggestive and insistent images.
On the stage, completely dark at the beginning, we can see only the naked legs of a woman with a red skirt and a white shirt. Slowly she moves backwards approaching a cube – illuminated from the internal -, in which, without being able to stand up, she disappears. This claustrophobic slipcase reminds a room. However, with the white armchair and the white and black tapestry, the cube doesn’t look like a vital space, and it is rather a a hiding place or a prison. With some really slow movements the woman changes his position in the internal part of the cube, continually, violating apparently the law of gravity.
From this moment everything takes an almost surreal character, that is able to evoke states of nightmare. The spectator has the sensation to be in the atmosphere of a David Lynch’s film. The male shadows that enter with some pageboy’s uniforms, when the “female slipcase” is closed with a panel, they can provoke a feeling of terror or of distance, depending from the personal experience. They do not seem to move following they own will, they seem rather moved by an unrecognizable project, as remote-controlled.
An enthusiastic cheering is the right reward for a performance about which we will think for a long time.

trad. Chiara Pirri