Saturday 11th November another great event at CORTE ZAVATTINI 31 gallery: we are talking about Alphabet, the gruppo nanou’s performance, which will be staged starting from 6 p.m., preceded by a dialogue between the choreographer Marco Valerio Amico and the director of CORTE ZAVATTINI 31, Roberta Bertozzi. It is the same Amico who talks to us about his work, which tells us that it was born from a simple question: “why is contemporary dance perceived as difficult? From this question the need has been set to determine clarity and evidence. Alphabet is the attempt to synthesize, to clarify, to make clear our choreographic work and the questions that are asked to each project without ever disinspecting the thought. Alphabet is to offer a code without necessarily its decryption: the starry sky is wonderful because exact even if few can decipher it but many remain fascinated »

Zona Ex-Zuccherificio – Cesena (FC) Ingresso Via Manara Valgimigli / Via Salvatore Quasimodo
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