Baby Doe is a suspended room. The scene is raised off the ground to allow the body to discover ravines of subtraction. From the childhood we assume the physical exercise, always “difficult”, that detemines the stumble: an unexpected event that suspends the action, moves it elsewhere, disorganizing the events consequenciality.

Baby Doe is the process with a defined creative strategy, based on the formalization of the figure trough his boundaries: internal space like specific reference frame projecting geometrical lines as well as imaginaries. Anthropomorphic shape unavoidably conflicting with the geometrical fence.
The structure is a continuous mutation that follows otherwise the character’s transition and the transformation produced by him to the space.
The fence geometry takes on the rhetorical test of perfection, as it is functional to the triggering on the internal figure, disoriented in an impossible centre.

Working on
Première: Teatri di Vetro, november from 12th to 15th 015.