“Color take up space” is a choreographic path that finds in the abstract the drama of color.
The contemporary dance company “Gruppo Nanou”, flanked by Daniele Torcellini (professor of chromatology for the Fine Arts Academies of Genoa and Verona), faces light and color as tools to articulate a three-dimensional space within which to place the performative activity.
Lights, colors and bodies that change over time determine an unstable space.
The scenic device and the costumes, by means of materials with a strong chromatically presence, illuminated by iridescent RGB Led lights, emphasizes the perceptive instability because both the dancers and the public involved lose the sense of the boundary between what is and what appears.
The relational dynamics between light, color, space and bodies are placed in a continuous process of definition, alteration, loss and reconstruction of structures, within a paradigm of permanent instability for the affirmation of a continuous disorientation.

Outside the mind and the conscience of those who look at color does not exist.
Our visual system reads as color a narrow band of electromagnetic radiations, produced by the sources of light and reflected, modified, by the bodies in space, with many uncertainties. Color is a relative concept, depends on the reference context – spatial, historical, social and cultural – from what we have seen before, from our expectations and our emotional state and depends on the light that illuminates.