From 2 to 3 December 2017, guests in the Ardis Hall spaces, in collaboration with Fèsta of e-production , two days of meetings and reflections with the nanou group company and guest Daniele Torcellini, professor of chromatology for the Fine Arts Academies of Genoa and of Verona, on the theme “color becomes space” .
University students, architects, graphic designers, photographers are invited to meet and learn about the nanou group choreographic methodology by participating in compositional thinking and analyzing together the effectiveness of a surrender.

With Alphabet, nanou group opens to dialogue to deepen its research and determine its effectiveness by activating a multi-year research process.
Dialogue is necessarily a comparison. The possible comparison we identify is the sharing of a methodology of practice and composition open to those who do not necessarily attend the dance activity, but who are interested in measuring themselves against it.

Saturday 02 December: from 15.00 to 20.00
Sunday 3rd December: from 10.00 to 15.00

The workshop is free. To participate, send an email to with a short motivational letter. Presence is required for both working days.

Alphabet: writing project for a possible dance
The nanou group choreographic research has always developed on multiple levels of action and thought to offer multiple access gates to the work.
The levels can be roughly divided into two categories:


  • the device for generating choreographic materials

  • the device that determines the spectacular synthesis.

  • For the generation of materials, the method reasons on private indications within the company that determine the construction of the dancer’s body and the relationship between the scenic languages ​​that together take on choreographic tasks in search of a creative accident. These indications trigger the relationship between scenic languages, the intimate link that defines the quality of events.
    The spectacular synthesis is the strategy of performance of the choreographic material that also involves the disposition of the public to understand the type of use, image orchestration, progress of the action, succession of events, etc.
    With this procedure, different reading plans are determined: from the choreographic to the imaginative, from the relational one between languages ​​to the originality of the creation of a peculiar body, from the musical to the architectural, from the philosophical to the material.
    The levels have always been superimposed to reach a linguistic synthesis because their reason for existing, their relationships, approached a “stream of consciousness” that made the detail always part of an organic work, because the detail was a vehicle of move to the next work plan.

    The Alphabet project highlights the elements of complexity to make it readable and dialogic.
    Dialectically expose, reveal the creative / compositional process by dismantling layer by layer, reaching the profound reason for a choice of association and relationship that constantly intervenes in the scenic composition and place itself in dialogue and confrontation.