Choreographic workshop by Marco Valerio Amico (nanou group) and Daniele Albanese (Stalker Company)

Max 15 participants

22> 27 October
Ex-Asilo Filangieri, Napoli
times: 16.00 > 20.00
Choreographic workshop

The two choreographers Marco Valerio Amico and Daniele Albanese will alternate in dialogue and comparing the different choreographic practices and methodologies. A direct dialogue with professional dancers for the transmission of body writing processes.

To participate in the workshop, send an email with the subject ULTRANAPOLI to indicating name, surname, telephone number and CV. Participants are required to pay a € 50 fee to cover the artistic expenses, to support the project and to equip the space with the means of production necessary for the workers of the show, art and culture to carry out self-government. Asylum. The contribution is not binding for the purposes of participation.

Marco Valerio Amico, gruppo nanou
Alphabet: Method
Highlight the compositional process and show athletically the personal writing work of the dancers in dialogue with the choreographic stimuli.
Unique bodies that make language.
The laboratory meets.
It has not the goal of teaching but of experiment, of the verification of a constantly evolving language.

Stalker_Daniele Albanese Company
Birds Flocking Project
The flock movement as a choreographic model.
The work investigates a fluid and continuous movement with a microscopic communication between the dancers and the space by comparing the two opposite poles of structure and freedom: shapes and directions that can frame the movement and a fleeting motion that goes back to the opposite direction writing.