The long night of small sizes has led to a ‘pas de deux’ of loneliness
Von Heidi Jäger
Potsdamer Neueste Nachrichten

A man and a woman are “dancing” as in a vicious circle, the ‘Pas de Deux’ of loneliness. In a continuous hunt they are changing position without really being able to go forward or to approach: they are moved so as to dispel any time of deep security. They dug up in the dark stored emotions, their sexual desires are dried. Life is a motel, ever lift? The ambiguous icy game taken to an extreme becomes penetrating, highlighted by a funeral and loud knocking, as if the heart would spill out of the chest. The bodies become furniture, moveable, exchangeable, without leaving any trace. Interference of field, such as before a disaster. We would be happy to burrow under the table as the woman on stage and would remain attached to that touching moment.

Heidi Jäger