“Field” is a stage of the project Alphabet , designed from gruppo nanou to study the elements of choreographic complexity in order to make it legible and dialogical, exposing and unveiling the creative / compositional process and reaching the reason for the choices of association and relationship that intervene in the scenic composition.
The dance, as a non-verbal language, is in fact often labeled as cryptic, emotional, difficult and choreographic thought, the creative strategy, the compositional trigger that allows the choreographer and dancers to build a work remains submerged, hidden and often , confused.
The relationship between the external gaze and the artistic practice has come unstuck, losing that strong and ferocious bond that at the beginning of the century has produced many correspondences between artists and critics. Consequently, the practice of transmitting a choreographic thought through the words has been reduced, necessary to involve glances not used to reading the construction of a creative path and a performance.
Campo intends to compare the coreutic group nanou method with subjects unrelated to the company, the students, determining the effectiveness of the language and refining the practice of sharing, thus calling into question the concept of “critical gaze” and its use in the live show.