23/10/2021 - Cartellone - Radio24, Elisabetta Fiorito

An episode dedicated to Dante and the Divine Comedy. […]Let’s go to theUmbria Factory Festival where at the Santa Caterina auditorium in Foligno is staged today and tomorrow Paradiso by the gruppo nanou,choreographed by Marco Valerio Amico. […]

gruppo nanou, Alfredo Pirri, Bruno Dorella - PARADISO [BOZZETTO SN- 001] ph. Daniele Casadio
gruppo nanou, Alfredo Pirri, Bruno Dorella - PARADISO [BOZZETTO SN- 001] © Daniele Casadio
Dancers: Elisabetta Da Rold, Nicolò Giorgini, Simone Mazzanti, Francesca Rinaldi, Pablo Ezequiel Rizzo, Michele Scappa

How is the performance structured?

The performance is a sketch. It means that it is an experiment that analyzes intuitions to develop a broader idea and that will be carried out in 2022.
This sketch lasts 33 minutes for 33 spectators 3 times a day.
At the entrance, the viewer is welcomed into a space already alive, already in action. You are invited to enter a place. We can say that we have the ambition to create a place to live.
The show ends with the accompaniment of the audience towards the exit with the scenic action that continues indifferent.
There is no beginning and no end. Just an opening and a closing. Like a museum.

How do you approach Dante's Paradise?

Of Dante's Paradise there are visual suggestions, compositional references to Dante's metric, numerical schemes, iconographic referrall that stimulated the creation of the choreographic device.
But what is evident is the time of Dante's paradise, the invitation to contemplation. We invite you to observe and immerse yourself in a mysterious and enveloping environment that knows how to look far away, almost indescribable, as Dante says at the beginning of the third canticle.

How do dancers interact with visual art?

The space is designed by Alfredo Pirri in close collaboration with our choreographic operation. As well as the sound of Bruno Dorella.
The deep collaboration with these two artists allows the dancer to inhabit the place, to listen to the space. The dancers act the scene by relating to it, relocating it and rewriting it through the choreutic action, compose together with the music and write architectural coordinates bringing an instability and a vaporosity in collaboration with the luminous work, lights that move slowly, evoking the time of dawn and dusk.

How is the Paradise imagined by the gruppo nanou?

The key words for our paradise are: close. Prossemic. LIVE.
This Paradise, these Sketches that are leading us to our Paradise, address the need to take place live, to create impromptu communities, to immerse the viewer's gaze and epidermis in a personal universe to offer a collective and subjective experience at the same time.
Everything that was, all that is still questioned by the pandemic, with joy and delicacy is found in this artistic path. Like the ability to whisper in one ear. A small, delicate thing that still seems so difficult to practice, yet it is so beautiful and sweet.

23/10/2021 - Cartellone - Radio24, Elisabetta Fiorito