Paradiso is the new single feat. Francesca Amati from new album for the choreography project gruppo nanou, to be released Nov. 25, 2022 by 13 / Silentes

In anticipation of the album’s release on Nov. 25 by 13 Silentes, we invite you to listen to the title track of Paradiso on Spotify or AppleMusic.

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The journey of Paradiso is divided into a total of thirteen tracks and concludes with the title track, new single available as of today, October 21 which is also the only episode on the program that can be assimilated to the song-form, however "alien," and which features guest Francesca Amati of Comaneci: "We always thought that, at some point, a 'song' was needed. As if everything should prepare for that very 'event,' for the appearance of the song. Definitely getting to this track was the hardest thing, but it finally came. With Francesca there is a long-standing relationship, we had already worked together both with Ronin and for gruppo nanou. In fact, Nanou's team loves her voice timbre, so it was always clear that she would be the one to sing the song. But he had to do it in a nonexistent and unidentifiable language. I then broke down the syllables of what Francesca had sung, recomposing them with a new result."