The set is simple: only few essentials object are visible, objects and clothes with scenic significance.
The body and the word retract to recover a bestiality that is essential of the human being, commonly masked, partially hidden: curved actors explore a space that is familiar and hostile, probably dangerous.
Visions are linked to themes such as revelation – eroticism – beast – the erotic of the beast.
We use an exercise to materialize a place that is continuously moving.

1. Is it diurnal or nocturnal? 2. Who owns it? 3. Is it reassuring? 4. Where is it? 5. Does it go along with the moon? 6. Where does it come from? 7. How many people can fit inside? 8. Where should you place it in an empty space? 9. How does it react to flame? 10. How does it react to dark? 11. Which crime does it match? 12. What are its constituents? 13. What do you wish it should be composed of? 14. How do you relate to it? 15. Which language does it speak? 16. How does it die? 17. What would does it need to meet on a dissection table to find it appealing?

1. Nocturnal 2. To him 3. No 4. On the palm of the hand 5. Yes 6. From my stomach 7. Infinite 8. To the ground, in a corner far away, on the left 9. It becomes bright light 10. It opens 11. Bestial 12. Quarz 13. Unknown 14. Suspect, but it also attracts me 15. Not mine 16. Opening wide, like a scream 17. 2 kneecaps, 2 collarbones and entrails.