System: In the scientific field, any object of study that, although constituted by different elements that are mutually interconnected and interacting with each other and with the external environment, reacts or evolves as a whole, with its own general laws. A set of closely coordinated abstract or conceptual entities, even if not necessarily dependent on one another. It is a choreographic analysis for bodies that act in a vast space, determine alliances, relate to geometric areas, using it as a force of displacement.

Highlight the compositional process and show athletically the personal writing work of the dancers in dialogue with the choreographic stimuli.
Unique bodies that make language.
The workshop becomes a meeting.
It has not the goal to teach but to experiment and verify a constantly evolving language.

The body is sporty.
The design of the body is a waste, it is the need to build the body to achieve the goal.
The body must trigger the hypothalamus, the most instinctive part of the brain.
More bodies in the same space are related subjects.
The relationship is a gravitational wave (space, time, direction, vibration in continuous movement).
It is in the relationship that determines the unexpected, the creative accident.

Saturday November 24th – 6.00pm> 9.00pm
Sunday 25 November – 09.00> 16.00

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