What happened:
During your stay on Planet Earth
you are requested to keep,
as far as possible,
Joy and Rhythm.

Cit. Andres Neumann

And besides, It can’t be otherwise. Eh.

We saw each other a little. We wrote each other a lot.
We had rehearsal without MV. But now he’s back… with his new iPhone cover.
For us, no comment.

What’s going on:
Yes, definitely Daniele Albanese and Masako Matsushita are in the association, so you will hear a lot about them here.
Sissj and MV can’t wait and on July 7th will go to Milan with their hoodies (even if it will be summer, of course!)for him YO!
We like very much the idea of closing phones in bags recalling in particular a Bjork’s concert.
In the meantime, let’s calm MV otherwise he starts with a “pippone” on Facebook directs (well, I can’t find the English word for pippone, maybe you can grasp the meaning only with its sound… it’s like something long, very long, too long, and boring) which are lacking in synthesis, and… STOP! YO!
Where did the so mentioned “hic et nunc” end up?… STOP! YO BRO!

“As requested from the artis, we kindly ask you not to take photos and/or videotape the event to avoid distracting Bjork. Bjork itself invites you to enjoy the performance by being part of it instead of being distracted by your smartphone. The images of this concert will be available at www.bjork.com. We thank you for your cooperation.”

What will happen soon:
We’re choosing colors with Daniele Torcellini… you’ll be there with us, right? Who’s subscribed to this newsletter is welcome, but let us know because we have to prepare the situation.
February, 16th and 17th – Ardis Hall, Ravenna, at 6:00 and 7:00 pm of both days. We await your news. YO! YO!

P.s. Since we are in concert mode, for those who live nearby, we’d like to point out Ofeliadorme will play on February 4th near Ravenna. Rob says their last album “Secret Fires” is in heavy-rotation mode in his week-end car trip.