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News and languages from gruppo nanou, Daniele Albanese _ Stalker company, Masako Matsushita.

We decided to establish a more direct relationship with those who follow us in search of a relationship as real as possible. This newsletter is an experiment, it is a question of language, it is the construction of a language, it is a project on communication to enter into the meshes of the choices of the company and of the artists who work alongside it.
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27 September 2019

(IT) BUUUUUU. Vi siamo mancati eh? – l’Ultra Newsletter

26 July 2019

(IT) Cosa è successo? La newsletter è tornata.

14 May 2019

(IT) Link, hyperlink, URL e un po’ di NYC

06 April 2019

(IT) Chiamata pubblica: Alphabet si fa Ultra

11 March 2019

(IT) New York, New York

11 January 2019

(IT) E’ iniziato il 2019

28 November 2018

(IT) We are explorer

31 October 2018

(IT) Una riflessione sul linguaggio. L’Ultra newsletter

27 September 2018

(IT) Nanu Nanu da Nanou