The gaze of Giulio Boato / 313 film production about the opera Paradiso by Nanou, Pirri, Dorella presented “live” for Supernova, the review/happening of performing arts curated by Motus in collaboration with the Santarcangelo dei Teatri Association and the Municipality of Rimini, with the support of the Emilia-Romagna Region.

Paradiso - Video bozzetto. Giulio Boato / 313 film production

313 film production, Nanou Associazione Culturale


Marco Valerio Amico and Giulio Boato


Giulio Boato and Laura Accardo


Giulio Boato

Original music

From the project Paradiso by
gruppo nanou, Alfredo Pirri, Bruno Dorella

Paradiso is a collective project of the contemporary research dance company gruppo nanou, the artist Alfredo Pirri and the musician Bruno Dorella. His journey began in 2021 through appointments, sketches, understood as the progressive deepening and development of research and experiments for the construction of a performative process that brings into play the relationship between different languages.

The video presented at the Turin Film Festival 2021 is a drift, a further sketch, a look by Giulio Boato / 313 film production on the ongoing operation that appropriates the scenic vision to return it in another guise while maintaining the working principles that are guiding us in carrying out the work.

Filming the performance, the dance, the movement in the space marked by time has been Giulio Boato's field of investigation for years. Each performance requires a different strategy to dialogue with the video, a different "translation technique". The short film PARADISO [VIDEO BOZZETTO] is not intended to explain, but to accompany the viewer through a flow, a metamorphosis. We tried to build – through the editing of the images of some days of work – a "story through images and sound" of a place crossed over time by dance, light, matter, human, returning that set of concentric circles that transform each other, in constant change, which are at the base of the work.

Giulio Boato