What happened:
As anticipated in the last newsletter, MV is discussing on SEO (search engine optimization), which is what it takes to get you on google, to be clear.
It seems that the language used also in this newsletter is “complicated”. We often get the verification message: “The text has a score of 39.1 in the Flesch Reading Ease test, which is considered difficult to read. Try creating shorter sentences, use less difficult words to improve readability.”
The message also appears for our videos that, as you know, have begun to have the captions taken by Treccani and Garzanti.
Given what the Flesch Reading Ease test continues to tell us, we will use the definitions of devote-oli for children that Sissj gave to Seb (5 and a half, and it is not the score, it is age). To everyone his reflection (conclusive?) on where language simplification will bring us… and it is not synthesis!

But let’s go on

In Lucca we experimented Xebeche * without wings and, after a bit of panic, MV says it was one of the most beautiful replicas.
The color is made space for 2 days celebrating the birthday of Fanny & Alexander: a meeting with Daniele Torcellini where the color has allowed us to find a perturbing vision (SEO forgive us for our sins, but the words are important and not always replaceable).

What’s going on:
We are going to Civitanova Marche for an Alphabet at high schools. We are talking about method. We can not show you anything because students are underage, but trust us: guys are entering the choreographic composition with great mutual fun.

What will happen soon:
On December 17th, we remind you, we will be in Milan with maps.
From 19th to 20th December at SpazioK in Prato for a new workshop for dancers.


We know that lots of people don’t know how to pronounce Xebeche. Even putting the pronunciation in writing, “csèbece”, losses remain. It is from the press conference of the debut that MV has noticed it and kicked himself. What a pity that he didn’t realize when Rhuena made him notice it months before the press conference and debut !!!! Excuse him. The troop, however, is awake and will draw all future errors. Promised.

Christmas is coming and since we don’t want to clog the e-mail with just the best wishes, we’ll do it already from now and we’ll e-mail you in the new year.

Minions - Marry Christmas and Happy new year

Yes, you have seen well: MV has accepted the red for a link inside the email. Minimal minimal. Just perceptible. But he put a color. You almost can not even see it (you have not seen it?)