Room 208 ph. Federico Ridolfi @ Fondazione Volume!, Teatri di vetro festival
Room 208 ph. Federico Ridolfi @ Fondazione Volume!, Teatri di vetro festival
Project and choreography

Marco Valerio Amico, Rhuena Bracci


Marco Valerio Amico, Sissj Bassani, Anna Basti, Alessia Berardi, Rhuena Bracci, Anna Marocco, Marco Maretti, Stefano Questorio


Roberto Rettura

Light design

Fabio Sajiz


Giovanni Marocco, Antonio Rinaldi, Paola Villani


MIBAC, Regione Emilia-Romagna

Strictly confidential is a choreographic operation for non-theatrical spaces, museums, art galleries, historic buildings.
The project is proposed as site-specific, a creation that measures itself with the host architecture.
It is a choreographic event that takes a unique form and unrepeatable.

Strictly confidential arises from the desire to accompany the viewer within the universe of the gruppo nanou’s artistic path, consisting of emotional effects and cultural references, within the work that precedes the disclosure of the work in the form of a complete product.
The project takes the installation form with performative acts that reconstructs the affective dimension and cultural horizon of the works whose genesis it refers to.

Hosting in the work, opening up the “vigil” dimension of the artistic composition.
Go into the rabbit hole and open the drawers of his bedside table in his bedroom.

What would you like to offer to the one you host in your point of view?

The path is lonely. Scattered clues, romantic souvenirs or deposited remains, which lead to nothing but the work itself.
Each room is a work full of the past, rubble of materials that, absently, met each other, and one follows the other along the way.
Because the labyrinth, like the art work, is a Habitat, a landscape. And if something happens (action), it is only to amplify the guest’s intimacy.


This short film by Claudio Martinez,was made on the occasion of the Strictly Confidential episode “Camera 208”, made in the spaces of Fondazione Volume! in Rome, for Teatri di vetro Festival.