27/11/2021 h. 17.30 [Prima assoluta] - Cinema Massimo 3, Torino Film Festival

Tuesday 30 November at 10.45 pm – Cinema Massimo 3
Wednesday 1 December at 6.00PM – Cinema Monterosa (replica in the suburbs – Acec room)

PARADISO Video Sketch Still Video. Torino Film Festival

Paradiso [Video Bozzetto] - © 313 film production. dancer: Marina Bertoni

Paradiso is a collective project by the contemporary research dance company gruppo nanou,the artist Alfredo Pirri and the musician Bruno Dorella. His path begins in 2021 and continues until July 2022 through appointments, sketches,understood as the progressive deepening and development of research and experimentation for the construction of a performative process that puts in place the relationship between different languages.
The video presented at the Torino Film Festival is a drift, a further sketch, a look by Giulio Boato on the ongoing operation that appropriates the scenic vision to return it in another guise while maintaining the principles of work that are guiding us in the realization of the work.

Paradiso [Video Bozzetto]

Video production: 313 film production
Concept: Marco Valerio Amico and Giulio Boato
Filming: Giulio Boato and Laura Accardo
Editing: Giulio Boato
Original music: Bruno Dorella

Taken from the project "Paradiso" by: gruppo nanou, Alfredo Pirri, Bruno Dorella
Choreography: Marco Valerio Amico, Rhuena Bracci
Set: Alfredo Pirri
Music: Bruno Dorella
Lights: Marco Valerio Amico
Colors: Marco Valerio Amico, Alfredo Pirri
Costumes: Rhuena Bracci

With: Carolina Amoretti, Marina Bertoni, Vera Borghini, Rhuena Bracci, Marco Maretti, Michele Scappa
And the graduates (2019) of the Post Diploma – Dance Course of the Civica Scuola di Teatro "Paolo Grassi" of Milan: Livia Bartolucci, Alessandra Cozzi, Elisabetta Da Rold, Agnese Gabrielli, Nicolò Giorgini, Simone Mazzanti, Camilla Neri, Francesca Rinaldi, Pablo Ezequiel Rizzo, Bruna Romano

The show PARADISO is produced by: Nanou Associazione Culturale, Ravenna Festival
With the contribution of: Comune di Ravenna – Department of Culture, Fondazione del Monte di Bologna e Ravenna
In collaboration with: Civica Scuola di Teatro "Paolo Grassi" of Milan
Supported by: Centro di Residenza della Toscana (Armunia-CapoTrave/Kilowatt), E Production, ATCL Circuito Multidisciplinare del Lazio per Spazio Rossellini Polo Culturale Multidisciplinare della Regione Lazio, C.U.R.A. Centro Umbro Residenze Artistiche, Spazio ZUT!, Indisciplinarte, La Mama Umbria International,


Marco Valerio Amico,graduated in May 2001 at the Civic School of Dramatic Art Paolo Grassi in Milan. He perfected himself as a dancer and choreographer with Monica Francia and Michele Di Stefano.
From 2000 to 2003 she starred in monica Francia's productions.
In 2005 he performed in MK's Real Madrid show, choreography by Michele Di Stefano.
In 2004, together with Rhuena Bracci and Roberto Rettura, he founded gruppo nanou company. The productions have crossed important venues such as: Fabbrica Europa (Italy), Santarcangelo Festival of The Arts (Italy); Teatro Comunale di Ferrara (Italy); Drodesera (Italy); Les Brigittines (Belgium); Unidram (Germany); Nu Dance Fest (Slovensko), La MaMa ETC (USA).
The company wins the prizes Giovani Danz’Autori 04/05, Moving_Movimento 2007, 4 cantieri per Fabbrica Europa 2008, Fondo per la danza d’autore Emilia-Romagna 2014 e 2016.

Giulio Boato (Venice, 1988) is director and editor. He studied visual and performing arts at the Universities of Venice, Bologna, Bordeaux and Paris3, and currently lives in France, in Bordeaux.
In 2012 he created his first work of video art (awarded in several Italian festivals), together with the composer and sound designer Lorenzo Danesin, with whom he has since worked on all his projects, theatrical and cinematographic. In 2013 Boato and Danesin founded the theater collective DOYOUDaDA, together with actress and cellist Juliette Fabre. Their research has evolved over time, mixing live presences, soundscapes and video installations.
In 2015 Boato made his first documentary about Jan Fabre (Jan Fabre – Beyond the artist). His collaboration with Fabre then continued by co-directing the live television coverage of his 24-hour theatrical show Mount Olympus (2017) and making two short films on the exhibitions of Fabre Among Spiritual Guards (2016) and Glass and Bones (2017), the latter awarded as best documentary short film at the Master Doc Film Festival in Los Angeles. Boato edited Surrender, a film directed by Phil Griffin about the process of creating Mount Olympus.
In 2018 he presented at The Segal Center in New York the film Theatron | Romeo Castellucci, presented in Italian premiere at the Biografilm Festival in Bologna. Theatron was awarded Best Documentary at the New Renaissance Film Festival in London 2018 and Best Film about Performance at the Fine Arts Film Festival in Los Angeles 2019.
In 2019 he made a film about the Japanese multimedia artist Shiro Takatani, selected in competition at FIFA 2019 in Montreal (The International Festival of Film on Art). Shiro Takatani – between nature and technology premiered at the RomaEuropa Festival 2019 where his film Rivale was also screened, a cinematographic work between film and opera, based on the music of contemporary Italian composer Lucia Ronchetti.
Together with Lorenzo Danesin, he directed L'uomo che cammina – The walking man (2019), an immersive video installation based on a landscape performance by DOM-, selected in competition at FIFA 2020.
In 2021 he founded the film production company 313 film production together with Lorenzo Danesin and Laura Belloni.

Production note

Filming the performance, the dance, the movement in the space marked by time has been Giulio Boato's field of investigation for years. Each performance requires a different strategy to dialogue with the video, a different "translation technique". The short film PARADISO [VIDEO BOZZETTO] is not intended to explain, but to accompany the viewer through a flow, a metamorphosis. We tried to build – through the editing of the images of some days of work – a "story through images and sound" of a place crossed over time by dance, light, matter, human, returning that set of concentric circles that transform each other, in constant change, which are at the base of the work.

Giulio Boato