Alphabet: project for a doable dance

Alphabet: System - ph. © Margherita Masè
Alphabet: System – ph. © Margherita Masè

choreography: Marco Valerio Amico, Rhuena Bracci
sound: Roberto Rettura

produced by: Nanou Ass. Cult.
co-produced by: TeatroLaCucina – Olinda, Ex-Ospedale psichiatrico Paolo Pini, Scenario Pubblico, NaoCrea, Teatri di Vetro, Città di Ebla
supported by: Cantieri, Europateatri, Teatro Comunale di Vicenza

gruppo nanou’s choreographic research was born from the union of different composition instruments that find their own realization in editing technique. A nonhierarchical methodology in on-stage languages identifies relations between body,sound, light and space as complex substance, which are indissolubly intertwined. Through Alphabet gruppo nanou reaches out to analyze its research and to determine its forcefulness, starting a multi-year research process. Dialogue is necessarily a comparison. We want to make our work understandable and clear also to people who don’t know dance, but who are interested in knowing it.

gruppo nanou choreographic reasearch is developed on more action and thought levels so
that is easier to find a way to access its works. Approximately, the above-
mentioned levels can be divided in two categories:
•the device used to create choreographic materials
•the device that determines the synthesis of the show
To generate materials it is used a method the company has within itself. This method allows the
dancer to structure his body and the stage languages to be related in order to undertake choreographic tasks with the aim of bumping into a creative accident.
These indications create a link between stage languages, the intimate link that defines the
quality of events. The synthesis of the show is the strategy of performance of the choreographic substance which also involves the disposition of the audience that has to understand the nature of the enjoyment, the orchestration of the concept, how the action is going, the sequence events, etc.
With this procedure it’s possible to determine various interpretations levels: from the
choreographic level to the immaginative one, from the relations between languages to the originality of the creation of a personal body, from perceiving sound rather than architecture or viceversa, to feel the philosophical level rather than substance. To find their realization in a linguistic synthesis, levels need to be overlapped, in order to move their reason to exist and their relations closer to a “stream of consciousness” which allows the detail to be part of an organic work and a way to go straight to the next work plan.

With Alphabet project gruppo nanou highlights the aspect of complexity in order to make it readable and to build bridges between him and the audience. In addition, gruppo nanou wants to perform dialectically, unveil the creative-compositive process by dismantling all layers, until reaching the real reason behind the choose of association and relation, which constantly participates in the composition of the stage, and being inside dialogue and discussion.

translation by: Claudia Leone