Sooner or later we would like to reflect publicly on the concept of privacy in writing the synopsis of the shows:
away form the world and reporting only what “remains” in the scene, is our dut
keep secret the intimate reasons that determined our choices
as well make it in 300 word , it’s very SEO
Surely it will be a chapter of the already announced “che confusione, sarà perchè ti amo? Reflection on the identity of contemporary dance.

Just to say

What happened:
It’s a long list. Ready?

From Laura, MV met students of UniUrb and he told a few things. The attention was high. The experience was beautiful!
The americans started again
The script seems written by Isherwood in collaboration with McEwan set by Ellroy. But they shut it down.
Our tastes are not made for large numbers. Sob! (for those who do not know what “sob” means, go to read Mikey Mouse, where there is often “woe is me” exclamation!”).
We met some of the dance schools of Ravenna to start a journey with 8 young people in collaboration with Cantieri and with the support of the Municipality. Nice to find guys available for change.
Just to say.
The trailer for the last episode of Sense8 has been released. “Wath’s going on?” Ready for the 151 minutes that will come out in May
The “connective tissue” has been recognized and elected as an “organ”.
The artist Brooklyn Dani Lessnau took pictures from a deep intimacy. The result did not convince us much, not even in its conceptual explanation. Did we miss something?

What’s happening:
It’s an avarage list. If you arrived here, it’s all downhill.

In advance we put online the trailer of what will happen in July in Spoleto.
Architects, designers, curators of visual art, come if you want to compare with color, space and time … also choreographic. All at the Ipercorpo festival! With many other opportunities not to be missed among shows, master classes and close encounters.
Just to say.
Akira has 30 years now!! The comic of Katsuhiro Otomo!!!!
MV tried to prepare a tutorial to explain Xebeche’s pronunciation (guilt never ends). Not everyone here is convinced it is exhaustive. Umh.


What will happen very soon
Hence only the essential

Osimo! we are ready to de-territorialise the city
On April 27 Masako with Plushy (there is a story about the name but in Italian was more fun, sorry) in Udine.
We will all meet again in Parma on May 6th for the opening of the path of Dan and Eva during the May Days Festival
Masako in residence at Pim Off and if you have not seen her on stage yet, go to Pesaro on May 17th

Under preparation:
Just to say: soon the Ipercorpo festival begins.
We will notify you on time: we will bring something special and unrepeatable. A tribute to the Festival always attentive to languages. Mark the dates (24 and 25 May) and join us. We are already at work.

The end. Thanks for reading.