1. The action and the fact of reporting, and the text itself, oral and written, with which it refers, and its form: to make, to present a relationship. It is used in particular to indicate the individual or collegiate, oral or written exposition, with which you can find out who is right about the status of a question, the results of an appraisal, the work done by a commission, an organ
  2. Connection or correspondence that occurs, in an essential or accidental way, between two or more entities (objects and facts, situations and activities, people and groups, institutions and categories, phenomena, sizes, values, etc.)
  3. In biology, the set of vital functions of an organism relevant to its relations with the environment and with other individuals

The Alphabet project is related to 3 dancers selected at the D.A.F. Dance Arts Faculty . The application of a generative and compositional method is applied to 3 figures who are not part of the everyday life of the nanou group language. The 3 dancers maintain their physicality respecting the choreographic device, determining an encounter between the composition and their attitudes.
Alphabet: project for a doable dance
project: gruppo nanou
choreography: Marco Valerio Amico, Rhuena Bracci
with: Carlotta Fanelli, Eloise Listuzzi, Jane Llaha
sound: Roberto Rettura

produced by: Nanou Ass. Cult. and Teatri di vetro
in collaboration with: DAF Dance Arts Faculty / Spellbound contemporary ballet
with the contribution of: MIBAC, Emilia-Romagna Region, Municipality of Ravenna
Alphabet is a multi-year choreographic research process.
Each episode is the analysis of an aspect of the choreographic composition to highlight the rules of a practice and the reasons for a choice. As research materials, it is necessary that the investigation should be designed, structured and coordinated to propose a verification determining its evidence.
The theme is the device itself.
The elements taken into analysis in different hierarchical orders according to the stage of study are: space, time, relation, body, color, sound, light, vocabulary.